Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Adams movie blog

I really, really enjoyed the John Adams movie. It was fantastic. Seeing historical events dramatized makes them seem a lot more real to me. I had a similar experience when I saw the play “Children of Eden.” It helped me think of Adam and Eve as real people instead of just figures in the Bible. The movie did the same thing for me with the founding fathers. I loved it. John Adams seems like he was a very passionate man. I admire the things he did for the country and for posterity. I kind of understood before what kinds of sacrifices the founding fathers had to make, but to see it dramatized made such a difference. It helped me look at them as real people. They had thoughts, passions, and families. They had to leave their families in difficult times to be involved in the congress. The scenes with John Adams’ family were some I found to be particularly touching. I really admire Abigail Adams. I would love to meet her. I love hearing things about her relationship with her husband. They seemed to have such a wonderful relationship. Seeing the movie made me wonder how much influence she had in the revolution. I think that women probably had a larger amount of influence than we often hear about. One scene I found particularly touching in the movie was the scene when Abigail had herself and her children inoculated against the Pox. It was a very sad scene. The boy with the pox looked terrible. It was so sad to see him. What an awful thing to be afflicted with!
It is amazing to think how much we owe the founding fathers of our country. They did such an incredible amount for us. There are still many countries in the world where women have very few freedoms. While the founding fathers did not directly grant specific freedoms to women, the American Revolution had a lot of impact on the freedoms I enjoy today as a woman. The founding fathers also did a lot to influence religious freedoms. Without the freedoms we enjoy in this country, the gospel would likely not have been able to be reestablished on earth nearly as easily as it was, despite difficulties.
The John Adams movie helped all of these things to mean a lot more to me. It reminded me of the part of Esther that talks about Esther being brought for such a time as this. The founding fathers were good men who were chosen for a purpose. They conversed with each other. They were friends and countrymen, and they worked together to do many important and incredible things. I had never before thought of them being friends or interacting with each other. For some reason, the fact that they did this makes them seem a lot more human to me.
This movie was very impactful to me. I thought it was fantastic. Even if it was not completely historically accurate, it brought the founding fathers to life for me in a way that nothing else really has. It helped bring their families to life for me, too. They had wives and children who also had to sacrifice a lot so that I could enjoy the freedoms I enjoy today as a citizen of the United States. I appreciate them. I am grateful for the wonderful things that they did.

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