Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last blog!

Wow. This is the last blog.
any thoughts or feeling that you have on Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
I think Lincoln was a remarkable man. He was obviously a great orator. I think he made some very insightful statements in his second inaugural address.
I think the beginning shows that he was tired. He had been waging a long war and fighting very hard. The war put a lot of strain on him, as well as probably a lot of years.
I agree with Dr. Holzapfel that the statement, "and the war came," was a very profound one, in a literary sense. Lincoln's view on the war seems to have been very moderate. He seemed to love the country and its people without distinguishing between rebels and those loyal to the union. He believed in the cause of emancipation, but he wanted to preserve the union. He was the president who helped us make the transition from union to nation. He was a brilliant leader.
I like the insights Dr. H. had about Lincoln's view of God. We don't often understand what His purposes are, but we know He has them. I love the scripture in 1st Nephi that essentially says, "I know not the meaning of all things; nevertheless, I know that He loveth His children." I also think Lincoln's statement, "with charity for all," should be applied in life in general. He was a great leader!

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