Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Constitution Movie

I found George Washington's involvement in the framing of the Constitution to be very interesting. I think I knew he was a very private man. One of the museums in the Smithsonian has an exhibit in which it is pointed out that Washington could have become a king if he had so desired. I believe this is true. However, instead, he denied this great power that was available to him in favor of life as a private gentleman. Obviously, this privacy did not last. When James Madison contacted him in Virginia at Mt. Vernon, he was very reluctant to leave to go to the convention in Pennsylvania. Even today, it can be seen that Mt. Vernon is a very private place. It is absolutely beautiful, and I can see why he wouldn't want to leave it, but leave it he did, to the surprise of James Madison, as he had originally told him he wouldn't come. He did come, though, and he even acted as president of the convention, foreshadowing events yet to come. He also seems to have played an influential role in getting James Madison to accept the New Jersey plan. He realized the importance of compromise. He also had a strong sense of duty to country and self. He was truly a remarkable man. I consider him to be one of my personal heroes.

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